About Unique Fitness Concepts ::

Unique Fitness Concepts was created to provide fitness enthusiasts with a single resource for equipment, accessory, and fitness information needs. All of our products are thoroughly researched and hand-picked by our experienced and expert buyers to represent the very best the industry has to offer. We offer the highest quality customer service available and we will do everything we can to ensure that your buying experience with us is second to none. To further enhance your fitness experience we have created the Unique Fitness Message Boards so members can freely exchange fitness experiences and information to increase their knowledge and improve their total fitness experience. Our fitness events calendar is one of the most comprehensive calendars in the industry with a wide range of exciting industry contests, conferences and events.

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About The CEO ::

Our President and CEO Harvey Reich is a 30 year fitness industry expert and enthusiast plus a natural bodybuilder competitor who has recently won titles at the statewide level. The products we sell represent his enthusiasm and industry knowledge and reflect his relentless pursuit for physical fitness perfection.