When it comes to getting in a great workout, there’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to the familiar equipment you’ve been using. After all, ellipticals, weight machines, and treadmills are popular for a reason. However, there’s also something to be said for exploring equipment that’s unusual or, at the very least, new to you.

Trying out a new piece of equipment can add excitement and novelty to a routine that’s becoming monotonous or boring. It’ll also challenge your body in brand new ways, meaning you’ll become even fitter than you would if you simply stick to your existing routine. The next time you feel like your fitness regimen could use a little something new, try seeking out one of the following options.

1. Speed Ladder

Also known as drilling ladders, speed ladders are excellent tools for building agility, coordination, stability, and speed. They’re terrific for working on your footwork abilities and muscle memory. They’re even better for training your mind to connect and cooperate with your body—a pursuit that’s often overlooked when it comes to fitness.

That said, a speed ladder makes a smart, inexpensive addition to any exercise program. Athletes like football players, runners, and gymnasts can certainly use it to build agility and speed. However, it can be just as useful for those who simply want to be fitter or become more efficient at everyday activities.

 terra core

2. Terra Core

If you’re looking for a new way to take your strength training regimen to the next level, you’ll definitely want to take a second look at getting a Terra Core. Adding a Terra Core to your existing routine has been scientifically proven to engage up to four times as many muscle groups than other fitness tools. It’s second to none when it comes to improving balance and stability, as well.

The Terra Core is an alternative surface that offers you all the benefits of adding instability to the mix. It challenges your body to work harder and react faster. It’s great for making workouts that have become routine challenging again, ensuring that you burn the maximum number of calories in your routine.

There are few limits to how you can use a Terra Core, so it’s something that makes a smart, effective addition to any fitness routine. You can use it as a next-level stair stepper or to send the effectiveness of your push-ups and crunches to the next level. You can add it to the mix when it comes to your squats, planks, bird dogs, chest presses, and flys as well.

 Weighted Sled

3. Weighted Sled

At first glance, a weighted sled looks like it’s far too simplistic to really add that much to your overall fitness routine—but don’t be fooled. Give it just a few minutes of your time, and we assure you that you’ll be humbled. You’ll also develop an instant understanding of why athletes of all types consider weighted sleds a necessity when it comes to attaining strength and conditioning goals.

Adding weighted sled drills to your existing routine is an ideal way to solve several problems with one tool. You’ll build some serious muscle and condition your body to perfection. If you’re looking to lose weight or shred body fat, you’ll also be delighted to know working with a sled will make short work of those extra calories. Sleds are fantastic ways to bring your A-game to any dedicated sport.

Weighted sleds can be dragged forward and backward, as well as laterally. They can also be pushed, so there are numerous ways to work out with them. Despite their effectiveness, sleds are great sources of low-impact exercise, so they won’t damage your joints. The sheer challenge factor of working out with a sled will help you develop your mental fortitude as well. Just keep adding weight and move faster, and you’ll never stop making progress with your sled drills.

Of course, these aren’t the only unusual pieces of equipment worth considering at your local gym or go-to fitness emporium, but they’re definitely great places to start. Which ones will you be adding to your repertoire?