Woman exercising on step platform

If you’ve been looking for a fantastic way to take your cardio routine to the next level, then you definitely can’t go wrong by incorporating a step platform into your routine. Step platform workouts aren’t just effective; they’re versatile and fun as well. Plus, the platforms themselves are affordable, space efficient, and suitable for pretty much any workout routine.

The following are just a few examples of the many ways a step platform can really help you bring your A-game to the table when it comes to cardio. Start exploring the possibilities today!

1. You’ll burn some serious calories.

If you’re looking for a simple way to boost the fat-burning factor of your cardio routine, adding a step is definitely something to consider. Naturally, the number of calories you’ll burn will vary according to the intensity of your routine, but you’re potentially looking at up to 450 calories burned during a 45-minute session.

To get as much calorie-burning potential out of your aerobics routine as possible, you can increase the speed at which you step up and down. You can also add height to the step you’re using to help keep things challenging.

2. You’ll improve the health of your cardiovascular system.

If you’ve been looking for a great way to add more cardio to your workout regimen but don’t love the idea of running or jogging, we’ve got excellent news for you! Multiple studies have shown that spending an hour doing step aerobics delivers the same fitness value as running seven miles.

It’s amazing for your cardiovascular system for that reason. Your heart will become stronger and more efficient at doing its job. You’ll lower your likelihood of developing various heart and artery diseases at any point in your life as well.

 push ups on step platform

3. Your musculoskeletal system will get stronger as well.

Weight-bearing exercises that involve stepping up and down don’t just burn calories. They encourage your bones to grow denser and stronger as well—something that should be a priority for every fitness enthusiast. They also work your muscles and force them to become stronger.

The healthier your bones are, the better your mobility and balance will become. You’ll also be less likely to develop degenerative bone disorders later on in life.


4. Steps make for excellent low-impact exercise solutions.

It’s a common misconception that low-impact exercises don’t pack much of a punch when it comes to sheer effectiveness. In actuality, they’re not only easier on your joints, but they’re definitely capable of delivering a seriously challenging workout.

That said, if you already suffer from bone or joint issues like arthritis or osteoporosis, step aerobics can help you stay on top of your fitness regimen withoutcausing additional harm. Steps are also highly recommended for beginners that aren’t yet used to strenuous exercise.

 dips on step platform

5. Step exercises are great for your mental health and self-esteem.

Any form of exercise is fantastic for improving your mental health and overall sense of wellbeing, but fast-paced options like step aerobics can be especially effective. They stimulate your body to release plenty of its natural “feel good” endorphins—the same compounds that are released when you do just about anything that makes you feel happy.

The excellent endorphin rush you get from step aerobics can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and nervous tension as well. It can also ease the symptoms of both chronic and temporary depression.

6. Step platforms add versatility to your routine.

If you juggle working out with a hectic schedule that leaves you with little free time, a step platform is definitely something you’ll want to consider. It makes it possible to get in a good workout anytime and anywhere, including your home, your office, or even your backyard.

Steps are also a good fit for almost everyone. They allow beginners to start small, but still leave plenty of room for advancement, even for expert workout enthusiasts. They’re affordable and space-efficient as well, so you can consider one even if you’re working with a limited budget or small space. Try it today!