compression clothes

When it comes to fitness, there’s really no such thing as having too many useful tools in your corner. In fact, the right gear can make all the difference as far as the efficiency of your workouts, as well as your overall results. This includes wearable gear like compression garments.

Compression socks, compression wraps, and more can help even veteran fitness enthusiasts get more out of their workouts. They’re also becoming increasingly popular among athletes and gym goers of all experience levels. The following are 7 reasons to wear compression garments and why they deserve to be part of your training regimen.

1. You’ll reduce muscle fatigue.

Regardless of your current experience level, you’re probably very familiar with the effects of muscle fatigue, including that nagging soreness that can continue long after your workout is over. While some degree of muscle fatigue simply comes with the territory when you’re an athlete, wearing compression garments can drastically reduce it.

For instance, you can try slipping into a set of compression leg sleeves or compression shorts before a run to improve speed, perform better, and last longer than ever before.

2. You’ll be less likely to strain your muscles.

If you’re the type of athlete who is prone to strains, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at why you'd want to wear compression garments. The very nature of compression helps support and stabilize your muscle structure throughout your workout. If you’ve already suffered a strain, it can also help you recover more quickly so you can get back to doing what you do best sooner rather than later.

compression socks

3. Your performance is likely to improve.

If you’re in the process of training for an endurance race like a marathon, you want to be able to pour as much of yourself as possible into your training. That can be difficult if you feel like you’ve reached your limit sooner rather than later. The supportive nature of compression garments can lower your rate of perceived exertion, allowing you to train harder and maximize your efforts.

4. You’ll deliver more oxygen to your muscles.

In order to perform at their very best, your muscles need plenty of oxygen. The more efficiently your body can deliver oxygen where it’s needed most, the more you’ll ultimately get out of your workouts. Compression garments are specially designed to encourage healthy blood flow and improve your system’s ability to function better. This can definitely help you take your athletic performance to the next level, especially during shorter bursts of activity.

5. You’ll be more comfortable throughout your workout.

Garments like compression socks, shorts, and sleeves work by applying pressure to the body parts on which they are worn. Many people find the added feeling of support feels quite pleasant. Also, since compression clothing is designed to hug your body, it can help combat common problems like chafing, friction, and wind resistance. You won’t have to worry about it riding up or shifting out of place while you’re stretching, running, squatting, or doing any number of other activities.


6. You’ll bounce back quickly after even tough training sessions.

The exhilarating feeling that comes with knowing you totally killed it at the gym during your session is second to none. The recovery process afterward is another story, though. The more strenuous and challenging your workout, the tougher and lengthier the recovery process can be. Compression garments can help you there, as well. Not only can they provide excellent additional support during your workouts, but they can be worn afterward as well to speed recovery and get you back to feeling great again in no time.

7. You’ll avoid that sticky, sweaty feeling.

While we have nothing against breaking into a nice, healthy sweat over the course of a good workout, no one wants to feel like a sweaty mess. This is especially the case if you’re working out at a communal gym, as opposed to using your own equipment at home. Unlike most standard athletic clothing, compression garments are designed to wick sweat away and help it evaporate into the air. No more sticky, damp, or sweaty feeling to get in the way of your workouts—just comfortable support that feels like a second skin. Experience the full effects of compression garments on your body with Unique Fitness Concepts' selection of high quality products. Try it today!