PowerBlock Elite 

When it comes to staying on top of your strength training routine this year, you really need more than a world-class gym membership in your corner. Sooner or later, your busy schedule will get in the way and leave you without the time you need to get in a good lifting session.

Deciding to build a home gym is the easy part, but outfitting a good one that meets your needs is a little tougher. Thank goodness, we have PowerBlock Elite to rescue us from this dilemma! Here, we’ll go over some of the many reasons we admire this amazing line of premium home strength training products and think you’ll love them, too.

 1. Space-Efficient

If you’re like most people, you don’t have limitless space to work with when it comes to building your home gym. If you’re lucky, you might have a basement, garage, or spare room that isn’t already being used for some other purpose. Otherwise, you’re most likely looking at a spare corner of a room that’s already in use.

The average weight set takes up a lot of room, making it tough to enjoy a gym-quality workout at home. PowerBlock Elite options like this convertible dumbbell set, on the other hand, take up very little space. You could easily store them in the corner of an office or bedroom, in a closet, or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

 PowerBlock Elite

2. Effective

PowerBlock Elite weights aren’t just designed to help you conserve valuable space when it comes to your growing home gym. They’re also built to deliver a dynamic workout that’s several cuts above their competitors.

PowerBlock Elite weights aren’t just space efficient. They are shorter and more compact, concentrating the bulk of the weight around your hand. This makes them easier to control and keep balanced. Plus, maintaining proper form becomes easier as you move through your training session, which lowers the risk of injury.

3. Portable

When your go-to weight set is a PowerBlock Elite, you don’t just get to enjoy the benefits of a great strength training session in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Unlike other weights, they’re not cumbersome or inconvenient to move. You can take them anywhere you like with ease.

Craving the feeling of fresh air in your lungs while you enjoy a quick lifting session? Take your PowerBlock outside for the afternoon and enjoy the sunshine. Worried you won’t be able to get to a gym while you’re away on an upcoming vacation or business trip? Your PowerBlock can fit in the trunk of your car. Take it along and rest easy in the knowledge that you can keep up with your workouts as scheduled.

 PowerBlock Elite

4. Great Value

Even if you have the space to house a full set of weights just like the ones at the gym, it’s a costly endeavor. Although they’re well worth the investment, a complete set of weights isn’t cheap, so you may have to save up a bit before your home gym rivals the one in town.

PowerBlock Elite weights sets, on the other hand, don’t just fit easily into small or challenging home spaces. They fit just as comfortably into your budget as well. Instead of several thousand dollars to add weights to your home gym, you’re looking at several hundred for a set-up like this 90-pound set complete with stand. Considering the quality of PowerBlock, that’s quite a value!

5. Achieve Your Goals

As touched on above, a home gym can help you achieve your fitness goals, but for many people, it’s what makes the difference between success and failure. When you own a PowerBlock Elite set, you’re within arm’s reach of a challenging full body workout—even when life gets hectic.

PowerBlock Elite sets are ideal for busy people who sometimes don’t have time to hit the gym because of their work schedules or social obligations. They’re also perfect for those who simply prefer to work out in the privacy of their own homes and eschew the gym membership. In other words, PowerBlock Elite is a great fit for everyone! Get yours today.