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Although it may still seem as if the final days of summer were just yesterday, it’s officially that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us, so smart shoppers are in hot pursuit for everything on their gift list. After all, you want everything you buy for the most important people in your life to be absolutely perfect—items you know they’ll enjoy and treasure for a long time to come.

This goes for the fitness warriors in your life, of course! Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of thebest gifts of the season. Which ones earn a spot on yourholiday gift list?

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Every fitness enthusiast is different when it comes to their goals and training. However, there are some things everyonehas in common, and the need to include cardio in their routines is definitely one of them. Cardio is essential when it comes to building a strong heart and healthy lungs. It helps increase bone density and reduce stress as well.

It’s also a critical part of burning off excess calories, maintaining a healthy weight, and feeling great. If you know someone who loves to get moving, a solid cardio gift is just what the doctor ordered. The following are all excellent choices to consider:

For Busy Workout Enthusiasts

No dedicated fitness enthusiast’s life could possibly be considered complete without a fully outfitted home gym. However, limited space means you have to make wise decisions when it comes to exercise machines. The more a given machine can do, the smarter an addition it makes!

Indoor rowers are capable of working nine different major muscle groups all at once, including the quads, core, triceps, and back. Plus, a rowing workout seriously delivers when it comes to shredding body fat, burning calories, and preventing injury, thanks to its low-impact nature. cardio is essential quote

For Dedicated Cyclists

If you know an avid cyclist, then you also know someone who really appreciates a good workout that also gets you out in the fresh air. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to get outside for a nice workout.

Help the cycling enthusiasts in your life make up the difference on dreary, cold, or busy days with a sleek new cardio bike for their homes. Choose from recumbent models, professional training bikes, and more!

For Frequent Travelers

Do you know a cardio lover who always seems to be on the go, whether for business or pleasure? Does that person often complain about the lack of solid workout options when she or he is away from home? Try putting together a gift bag full of portable travel-friendly equipment for the next time your loved one is on the move. Think jump ropes, resistance bands, and fitness DVDs!


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Not everyone hits the gym because they want to lose a few pounds or look good in a pair of jeans. Some people dream of developing a ripped physique and becoming strong beyond their wildest dreams. If you know people like this, then you’ve got dedicated strength trainers on your hands. Choose a gift that will help them reach even their loftiest goals!

For Powerlifters

Lots of people interested in strength building love lifting heavy when it’s time to hit the weight room, but powerlifters take it to a whole new level. In powerlifting, the goal is to lift as much weight as possible, through moves like deadlifts, bench presses, and weighted squats. That calls for specialized equipment. young woman training gym

Know a powerlifter who’s currently working on building the home gym of his or her dreams? This person would definitely appreciate an Olympic barbell or a serious set of weight packs. However, accessories like lifting belts, lifting gloves, and knee braces are also very important to have. These tools not only help a powerlifter get more out of a routine but help guard against the possibility of injury as well.

For Beginners

Know someone who’s only recently discovered a passion for weightlifting or wants to get started? A set of dumb bells make a great pick for someone who’s new to lifting or strength training in general. They’re just as effective at building muscle as barbells or kettlebells, but they are much easier to use safely.


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Is there someone on your holiday gift list who loves to engage in mindful activities like meditation? How about people who are at the top of their games when it comes to strength training and cardio, but have yet to explore the wonderful world of balance training or stretching? Building flexibility and cultivating good balance are disciplines that benefit everyone, and these gifts will help your loved ones cultivate mindfulness all year long.

For Fighting Stress

Yoga and Pilates aren’t just great pastimes for people who are trying to maintain inner peace. They’re fantastic when it comes to relieving daily stress as well. If you know someone who would love a peaceful workout, consider gifting some starter supplies, like a yoga mat, some posture blocks, and a couple of instructional videos. You just may help this person find his or her new passion in life!

For Social Butterflies

Know people who are already really into yoga, Pilates, or both but are tired of always working out on their own? Consider looking into local classes and workshops. Score a gift certificate to cash in on an option of their choice and include some stylish workout accessories to support their efforts.

For Beginners

If you know people who are already seriously into fitness, but haven’t focused on balance training, consider giving them something they can use to add a little challenge to their existing routine. BOSU balls are an excellent fitness tool, as are stability balls. Both are easy to incorporate into countless moves, routines, and disciplines.

 balance and stretching gifts


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Unless they’re just starting a new activity, a lot of long-time fitness warriors have the basics covered. They’ve got the five-star gym membership and the expensive pair of cross-trainers. They’ve been building their home gym for years with a well-outfitted weight room, as well as plenty of cardio options, like elliptical trainers, treadmills, and stationary bikes.

So, what do you give the fitness lover who seems to have everything? Try gifting them some essential fitness gear. Items like gloves, belts, braces, straps, wraps, and more can add tons of value to people’s workout regimens, too.

Belts and Gloves

If you know weightlifters who don’t have good lifting tools, consider giving them some for the holidays this year. Belts are essential when it comes to supporting the spinal column and preventing injury, while gloves are incredibly helpful when it comes to maintaining one’s grip on a bar. Items like dip belts can help a long-time strength trainer get more out of key bodyweight moves like squats, dips, or chin-ups as well.

Training Accessories

All athletes can benefit from accessories that help them excel when it comes to speed and agility. However, many never quite get around to choosing any. Consider treating the fitness warriors in your life to must-have additions to a home gym like plyo boxes, resistance bands, roll-out ladders, parachutes, and more.

Progress Measurers

Of course, all workout lovers need a reliable way to measure their progress. If they’ve been counting on the same scale they’ve been using for decades, consider treating them to contemporary tools, like professional physician scales, calipers, and body fat management systems.


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person using foam roller

When it comes to fitness, any serious athlete will tell you that how you recover is just as critical as the workout itself. Proper recovery is an essential part of building muscle and bouncing back properly from workouts of any intensity level. It’s also the best way to treat injuries and prevent future ones from occurring. The following picks would be great fits for any fitness-themed holiday stocking.

Braces and Supports

The right braces and supports are essential when it comes to protecting your favorite athletes from harm or injury, especially if they already have problems with specific joints. Choose from options for every joint and body part, from knee braces to back supports, to neck braces, to thumb stabilizers!

Foam Rollers

If the athletes in your life don’t already have a foam roller, you might want to consider changing that this holiday season. Foam rolling helps soothe workout related soreness, reduce stress, improve circulation, and prevent injury. A good foam roller can also do double duty as a workout aid, making it one of the best possible resources active people can have in their corner.

Stretching and Massage Aids

Know an active person who suffer from ailments like chronic back pain or disk problems? How about circulation issues or trouble with their range of motion? You might want to treat them to stretching or massage tools this holiday season. It’s important to take extra measures before and after intense exercise sessions to flush toxins and fluids that build up in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Plus, it increases flexibility and helps relax the body and mind. woman stretching back with hands

Skin Care Products

Athletes and fitness warriors put their bodies through a lot, including their skin. That said, items like lip balm, lotion, blister shields, and roll-on treatments may be more appreciated than you can possibly imagine. Put together a gift bag full of the latest and greatest offerings on the market to support their training.


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These days, technology helps you take your workout to the next level, Fitness electronics can take the guesswork out of tracking, analyzing, and assessing an athlete’s ongoing progress. Many can also make working out a lot more fun. The following are just a few noteworthy examples:

Heart Rate Monitors

Getting acquainted with your heart rate is a smart thing to do when it comes to your workouts. It helps to know when you’re getting the most out of your activity and when you could stand to push yourself harder. It’s helpful for understanding when your body is pushed to the max and could use a break.

Sports Timing

Timing really is everything, especially when it comes to athletics and sports training. The right stopwatch or sports watch can help measure the physical improvements of your training program. There’s an option out there that’s just right for every discipline—even underwater sports!

fitness tracker woman gym machine

Activity Trackers

If you’ve ever worn an activity tracker, then you already know they have the power to change the way you view and approach fitness in major ways. Not only do they help you track your progress and work diligently toward your goals, but they can help hold you accountable. If you know someone who could use some help in this arena, an activity tracker could be just the ticket!

As you can see, there are as many possible fitness-related gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Start exploring the possibilities today and make sure yourfavorite athlete has a holiday to remember!

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