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The Ultimate Abdominal Machine!

For years fitness professionals have called the basic bent knee crunch the "gold standard" abdominal exercise. But not anymore! Introducing the New gold standard! - The Ab Lounge Sport.

Testing proves that the Ab Lounge Sport jackknife is more effective than the standard bent knee crunch. When compared to a standard bent knee crunch, the advanced Ab Lounge Sport jackknife elicits more muscle activity in the upper and lower abdominals.....and the love handle obliques. Best of all, exercisers find the Ab Lounge Sport as easy to do as a crunch....so that means you're not working harder...you're working smarter!


The Ab Lounge Sport supports your body, especially your head, neck, and back through the entire exercise. No more stiff necks! And because you're up off the floor, you experience a total range of motion for ultimate results.


No more crunches EVER - with the Ab Lounge Sport!


The Ab Lounge Sport--which comes with a workout DVD and a healthy eating guide with tips and recipes--measures 39.5 by 44.5 by 30 inches (W x H x D), weighs 32 pounds, and carries a 90-day warranty.