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The BOSU Balance Trainer is the ultimate in balance, core stabilization, and body awareness training. The BOSU Balance Trainer was specifically designed to integrate balance into every aspect of fitness, sport performance, or rehabilitation. This dynamic training device adds versatility and challenge to an incredible range of activities: cardio, strength training, athletic and sport conditioning, core training, and mind/body workouts.

This versatile functional exercise-training device with its unique half-circle inflatable ball provides multiple applications for standing, sitting, and supported body weight conditioning activities. May be used with the bubble side up or the platform side up if more of a challenge is desired.


Key Features:

  • The Bosu Balance Trainer allows the user to combine all the elements of fitness: cardiovascular, toning and flexibility in unique and highly effective combinations.
  • Durable commercial version complete with warranty and pump.
  • Perfect for group training or personal training sessions.