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The Pre-Cord is a simple but effective tool for pre-game warm-up of the arms and shoulders prior to baseball, tennis, golf and other shoulder-intensive sports. This fun-to-use stretch cord allows you to place a controlled amount of force on your muscles to prepare them for subsequent high-intensity efforts.

Why Warm-Ups Are So Important
Warm-ups increase blood flow to your muscles and neurologically prepare your body for high-speed, high-force movements. Warm-ups are especially important for your shoulders, since they're the most unstable joints in your body. Their structure allows you to move your arms in a nearly infinite number of directions, but each motion requires your nervous system to coordinate the actions of more than a dozen different muscles. Temporary failure of any of those muscles can create unbalanced loads on your shoulder joints, and ultimately lead to injury. By warming up the muscles under lighter loads, you prepare them for more intense efforts and greatly reduce your chance of injury.

Attach Your Pre-Cord to Any Stationary Object
The snap hook allows you to attach one end of your Pre-Cord to a stationary object, such as a fence, tree, or pole. Make this attachment at a height near shoulder level, and be sure that it's completely secure before beginning your warm-up exercises.

Great for both Forward and Backward Motion