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The PowerBlock Elite 5-90 lb. Dumbbell Set with Stand comes with plates 1-8, and adjusts in 5 or 10 lb increments. The Elite 5-90 lb (per hand weight) equals/replaces 28 pairs of dumbbells, or 2,565 lbs of free weights while taking up the space of just 1 pair (90 lb dumbbell is just 16" in length) This set is expandable to 130 lbs per hand using the 8-11 Elite Big Block Kit. The dimensions of the Elite 90 are; 16"L x 6" W x 6" H.


The PowerBlock® Set Large Column Stand can hold weights up to 130 lbs in each hand. It has 4 storage positions down the center for the 2.5 lb chrome adder weights. It comes with the color coded weight selection chart. It has a foot print of 18" x 22" and a height of 28". The stand is available in silver.

Key Features:
1. Best compact design
2. Superior balance
3. Longest warranty
4. Most durable weight selection mechanism
5. Welded all steel weights
6. Expandable Sets
7. Heaviest weight sets available
8. Gym and bar accessory compatibility
9. Saves time, space and money

PowerBlock is the most compact dumbbell available. At any weight, you will not find a shorter more compact dumbbell than PowerBlock. This means a dumbbell with the weight more concentrated around your hand and makes the dumbbell easier to balance and control.

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